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Pale -- Prologue
"Stop her!"
The shrill voices of a small platoon of villagers rose up like a raucous chorus, and the crowds of civilians menacingly brandished pitchforks and torches. Their screeching was the perfect background melody for my stamping feet as I bolted down the cobblestone street.
I gasped for breath as my boots clicked against the ground. My breath misted up through the cold air and past the snow as I ran on. I bit my lip, determined to keep going; if I were to be caught now, there would be no escape for me. I looked down to the delicate package in my arms and smiled down to it.
"Don't worry, girl, we're almost there," I murmured, pressing the sleeping infant to my chest and sprinting faster, despite the exhaustion gripping at my ankles.
I swept around a corner, my crimson cloak trailing behind me. A weak gasp escaped my lips and I froze on the spot, inches away from a brick wall. I gritted my teeth in frustration; with my luck, I had figu
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Mature content
Vormund -- Chapter Three: That Which Creeps and... :iconyellomage:YelloMage 0 2
Vormund -- Chapter Two: Beneath A Thousand Shields
Chapter 2
Behind A Thousand Shields
Sometimes, the most unexpected things are things one has already imagined. Of course, one could imagine finding a magical unicorn. For it to actually happen, though?
Similarly, the strangest things happen right under one's very nose.
"Faster, Kisaragi." the girl muttered, dragging Naoya ever further in the direction he came.
"H-hey, you don't need to pull so hard!" he exclaimed, feeling his sleeve's threads snap for the third time.
The mysterious samurai man had been following closely behind, occasionally taken off track by a stray butterfly.
The two stopped at the dumpster where Naoya had started his adventure into this Wonderland. The girl brushed a stray black strand of hair out of her face, strapping her bow onto the belt around her waist.
Looks unwieldy. Naoya noted. The weapon looked rather awkward, hanging from the girl's skirt.
Skirt. Naoya stared intently at the skirt. He hadn't noticed it
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Mature content
Tourney Transition, 1-2, Aden Rolbertein :iconyellomage:YelloMage 0 2
Vormund -- Chapter One: Beneath Golden Gilding
Chapter 1
Beneath Golden Gilding
We lay our scene in a fair city, much like the rest. Skyscrapers reach out in all directions, and both man and machine roam the streets precariously, without worry. Except the few crimes and scandals, there is nothing but peace.
Or at least that's what one would be lead to believe...not that horrifying monsters stalk the streets among us, seen only by a few. Here is where the truth lies, not fiction. It lies beneath the golden veil above society. There lies our story of Naoya Kisaragi, who had no idea what he was in for that day long ago...
“Class dismissed,” the teacher declared in a short monotone as three melodious rings resounded through the room.
Naoya roused himself from his nap and stretched out over the desk, letting out a short yawn. As the teacher continued to drone on about how the students shouldn't forget their homework over Golden Week, Naoya stuffed it into his folder, along with other
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Ao Qin by YelloMage Ao Qin :iconyellomage:YelloMage 2 0 Feng Li by YelloMage Feng Li :iconyellomage:YelloMage 2 3 VorMunD: Specter by YelloMage VorMunD: Specter :iconyellomage:YelloMage 1 0


Fisheye Placebo: Ch 0 - Hello World by yuumei Fisheye Placebo: Ch 0 - Hello World :iconyuumei:yuumei 24,196 3,361 Sunset lazing by Vent-Kazemaru Sunset lazing :iconvent-kazemaru:Vent-Kazemaru 84 10 Ravishing by Huskypawz
Mature content
Ravishing :iconhuskypawz:Huskypawz 38 78
*First look into Hidden Secrets*
As the echo of someone walking came to me, I was taking in the room I was standing in. Before me stood an empty stone room with a single window facing a lake of fire off in the distance to the right and straight ahead of me sat the gates of Hell on a platform above a set of rocky stairs. At the base of the stairs stood a pair of robed statues standing fifteen feet high, the red glow of their eyes was the only thing you could see from under the shadow of their hoods. They were holding intricately carved blades before them. I steadied my now shaking hands by sliding them into the pockets of my jeans. “What have I gotten myself into?” I thought to myself. I turned just as he entered the room. I felt his eyes on me as I took in his size. He stood over seven feet tall, his body the color of smoldering embers. As he hunched to make it in the doorway I caught the sight of his black horns as they protruded from his temples. He straightened and walked to stand next to me,
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Nya, I'm just gonna point out that the only reason you get 4.5 for vision is because it might be suspicious if I gave you the five star...




Um. ;u;

...Um. ;w;


I've been gone from DA for a long, long time. ;v; I got caught up in school as a whole, and I never got back into it. It drifted to the back burner. And now I've no time to spend here, and I'm overwhelmed by all of the other sites I use.

So I have a proposal. If any of you have profiles on other sites and such, (MOST preferably Skype) please bring it up with me. ;u; I will MORE than gladly give you my information so we can keep speaking. I would hate to lose friends just because I'm overwhelmed by a silly site.


United States


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We were studying Greek plays in History today. And so, a joke! Why didn't Oedipus swear?
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